Frat 2 Fit is a fitness and nutrition site dedicated to helping you obtain the information needed to reach your fitness goals.

The idea for the name came from the idea that many college students get lost in the partying lifestyle that they start to lose focus on their personal health. While younger adults have higher metabolisms and are able to eat more “junk” than the average person, these bad eating habits tend to translate into actual adulthood, where it’s much harder to “just lose 5 more pounds”. With the owner and founder, Chase Henderson, actually being a college student himself, we feel that the articles here will give the average college student a clearer idea on how their fitness gals really are very achievable!

We aren’t just dedicated to helping the average college student, we are here for anyone and everyone looking to find some advice or motivation along the way. So feel free to browse our page and pick our brains to get the help you need to start or maintain your fitness journey!