Best Hangover Cures to Make it to Your Next Workout

You’re in college, you’re supposed to go out and party right? Of course. But, you gotta stay in shape to look good out in public! (Duh) So what’s keeping you from working out and partying at the same time?? Oh yeah… the dreaded hangover (Booooo). Hangovers can really put you out of commission if it’s bad enough, keeping you from doing basic shit over the weekends, which includes your workouts!

There’s tons of ways to combat a hangover (allegedly) scattered all over the internet and here’s a couple that I’ve found:

  1. Junk Food
  2. Pedialyte
  3. Hot Shower and Coffee

All of these methods listed above are nothing but bioscience, here’s why:

  1. Junk Food is the last thing you want to put in your body. Your body is like a car, you wouldn’t put regular gas in a Lamborghini, would you? I know I wouldn’t. And being in a hungover state, your body needs healthy nutrients and vitamins in order to function properly. So, if anything, you should be eating clean and healthy foods when you have a hangover to help your body feel better.
  2. Pedialyte, yes, has been found to aid those who are trying to rehydrate… during and after large races or physical events. The only race you did last night was to see how fast you could shotgun a beer, not exactly an athletic feat (unless you can beat my record of 2 seconds flat, in which case, props to you). Your body needs electrolytes in order to help facilitate bodily functions after they’ve been exhausted from strenuous work, not from a night of drinking. The electrolytes after a night of drinking is just you wasting your money, regular water works just fine.
  3. Sure, take a shower in the morning (you probably forgot to take one last night anyways so you need it). But coffee?? That’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and a hangover is the body’s way of saying its filled with toxins and has no water. Caffeine has been shown to dehydrate the body. So… why would you put something in your body to dehydrate it if its already dehydrated? I don’t think I have to answer that one for you.

So if you do have a hangover, don’t believe any of the bullshit your friends, family, or the internet tells you to do (except for me, I know all). As far as real science goes, there’s only two real cures to a hangover:

  1. Water
  2. Time

If you’re body is dehydrated, give it water!! No brainer right there. Also make sure to drink enough water while you’re out partying to help future you out a lil bit, they will be happy you did. Also, just give it time. Your body naturally tries to heal itself and make sure everything is functioning normally, but such a grand task takes a lost of time and energy to do. So just be patient with your body and let it do it’s thing.

So, when working out with a hangover, if you decide to, make sure not to go too hard. Your body is dehydrated, it’s running on fumes. Do not overwork it. What I usually do is some accessory muscle work like calves and forearms coupled with some light cardio. With this kind of workout, you’re producing great results with less strain on the body.

Work Hard, Party Hard. Go Get Yours.

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