3 Key Lifts to Increase Muscle Size

Everyone wants to put on size, but which movements can put on the most? Well the BIG 3 in weightlifting are bench, deadlift, and squats; this is a no brainer. But aren’t there other lifts that can maximize your gains?? Why yes, yes there is. Today, I am going to tell you about 3 other key lifts to add into your workout routine to pack on even more size during your bulking season.

Press of a bar, lying on an incline bench. Exercising for bodybu

1) Incline Chest Press

The incline chest press is one of my personal favorites and is one of the most effective lifts when it comes to building overall strength and muscle. Not only are you stretching and working the pectoral muscles, but you’re also utilizing the front delts as well (front of your shoulder). The shoulders are what give you a larger width in your upper torso, leading to you looking like an alpha male from all the space you’ll be taking up. The shoulders are also an accessory muscle to the regular bench press as well. So the stronger you can get those front delts, the stronger your bench will be. Because of all these factors, this is why the incline chest press is an absolute lethal weapon to add to your iron arsenal.


2) Lat Pulldowns

ILS: (n.) Imaginary Lat Syndrome: the phenomenon of having no back muscles while thinking you’re the biggest guy in the gym. Side effects include walking with one’s chest puffed out to compensate, holding arms wide to the side as if lat muscles were pushing them out, and bragging to friends about how much they can bench. Not only do you look like an idiot, but you are missing out on one of the biggest muscles in the body to work on and have girls swoon over. But how do you get massive lats? The answer: Lat Pulldowns. Lat Pulldowns are a pretty regular exercise in most people’s programs, but there isn’t a big enough emphasis placed on them. By prioritizing lat pulldowns in your workout and placing the lats on under the most pressure, you will start to swell up like a balloon overtime and fill the gap between your outstretched arms and your torso, making you look like Trump’s Wall.

Romanian Deadlift

3) Romanian Deadlifts

Deadlifts have been touted as the ultimate exercise to implement in your Back Day workout routine. But did you know that deadlifts also help strengthen and stabilize your legs? That’s right. Which means, if you change the form, you can alter which part of the leg gets worked, hence: the Romanian Deadlift. By keeping the back straight, like you would in a regular deadlift, and keeping the legs straight as well, you are able to target your hamstrings, the forgotten leg muscle. No one places much importance on the hamstrings due to the fact they aren’t mirror muscles, but having big and strong hamstrings will make you that much more impressive when its “sky’s out, thighs out” season.

There you have it, the additional 3 super-weapons to add to your workout routine in the gym. By adding these into your routine along with the 3 core lifts, I can guarantee that you will not only get stronger, but you will start looking like a Greek God in no time.

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