Top 7 Drinks to Keep Your Gainz

“Alcohol kills gains”, “You gain so much weight from drinking”, “Its calories that you can’t use”… I mean yeah you’re not wrong, but also you’re really boring and season your chicken with oyster crackers. Alcohol is a staple in college life, and while binge drinking is very unhealthy, having a few drinks here and there really isn’t that bad for you.

However, I am a firm believer in watching what you drink in regard to keeping your gains. I love going out with friends and grabbing drinks as much as the next guy, but there’s a lot of drinks out there that can really kill your gains that you’ve been making throughout the week.

With this in mind, I’ve made a list of 7 liquor based drinks that are on the lighter side when it comes to calories and how to make them. Take notes kids.

Tom Collins

– Ice

– 3 shots seltzer

– 1 shot lemon juice

– 2 shots gin

Hot Toddy

– 3/4 glass boiling water

– 1 shot lemon juice

– 1/2 tbsp honey

– 2 shots bourbon

Homemade Margarita

– 1 shot lime juice

– 1 shot lemon juice

– 1 shot simple syrup

– 1 shot tequila

Vodka Soda

– 1 lemon or lime wedge

– 4 shots seltzer water

– 2 shots vodka


– 3 shots seltzer

– 2 shots light rum

– 1 shot simple syrup

– 1/2 a lime

– 1 handful fresh mint

Tequila Sunrise

– 1 splash cranberry juice

– 1 shot fresh-squeezed orange juice

– 1 shot tequila

Mint Julep

– 2 shots seltzer

– 2 shots bourbon

– 1/2 shots simple syrup

– 1 handful fresh mint

Bonus: Whiteclaw

As well as aggressively trying to get a sponsorship from Whiteclaw, I also highly suggest alcoholic seltzer waters. Even though it isn’t liquor based like the rest, it’s still low calorie so I figured I could add it. Yes, you may get the occasional “hey how does that make your vagina feel” but you can also sit there with 20lbs of muscle over that guy and know that you’re winning in the game of life. With only 100 calories per can, you will be living your best life without worries of killing your gains when you pound a few down.

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