When it comes to making any sort of goal in life, you can’t just say, “I want to rich and famous” or “I want to get in shape” or “I want to be smarter” and then all of a sudden be those things. These are what’s called ideas or dreams, not goals. A goal is the product of a dream, a blueprint, and the immense effort into making it into a reality. Without the combination of these three things, you’re destined to go nowhere with your desired goal and will be stuck at square-one forever.

The same applies when coming up with health and fitness goals, you need to have the THREE BASIC THINGS in order to achieve your fitness goals:


Of course you need to have a goal in order to get in shape! Otherwise you’re running around with your head in your ass not knowing what the hell is going on. For example: you could write something down like “I want to shred for the summer”, or “I want to bulk up for the Winter”, etc. This is a very basic component to achieving your goal, and everyone does this. It’s the next two aspects that very many people don’t do or don’t adhere to as well that hinders your progress towards the physique and health you desire.


Now that you have a basic goal written down, it’s time to delve deep into what needs to be done to achieve said goal. Without specifics, you’ll be running a loop day in and day out with no end in sight. For example: say you wanted to lose weight; you could write things down along the lines of, “I need to do cardio sessions 4 times a week, weight train 3 times a week, eat less carbs and more protein, make healthier choices at each meal, etc.” While this also seems very basic, it is one of the most crucial aspects to goal setting. When you write out the specifics to your goals, you have now laid out a blueprint to reference whenever you need help or guidance in achieving your goal. But the most important aspect is the final point.


Now that you have your goal, and you’ve outlined a specific blueprint to achieve it, it is time for ACTION! The secret to success and getting in shape is simply the process of doing! Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t just a big time bodybuilder all of a sudden, it took him years of training and eating right to attain his classic physique. The power of DOING is a magnificent thing that has produced more successful people than anything, even more than “Daddy’s money”. So when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, don’t sit there and say “Oh, I’ll wait ’till Monday to start going to the gym.” or “Oh, I’ll start going on my diet tomorrow.” NO! START NOW! Now is the best time do anything! Now is the time to put in the work and start following that blueprint!

So, in summary, the secret to getting in shape is to 1) Have a basic goal, 2) Specify your goal, and 3) Put in the work. With these three things, along with determination and a strong sense of willpower, you are guaranteed to achieve your fitness goals in time.


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