“I’m on a diet I can’t eat that.”

“Oh god that looks good but it’ll ruin my fitness goals.”

“I want a six pack but damn that pizza looks good.”


Phrases like these are tossed around constantly on a day to day basis by millions of people around the world. We all say that we CAN’T eat certain foods because it will ruin our gains, but what do we do? We eat them anyways.

Why is that?

Why is it that we are telling our minds and our bodies that we CAN’T have these foods yet we end up eating them much more frequently than before? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of the mindset you have about health and fitness.

Everyone wants to be fit, and everyone wants to be healthy. But we all love food way too much as well; junk food at that. When we are constantly surrounding ourselves with foods that aren’t good for us and constantly remind ourselves that they exist, we are more likely to end up eating those kinds of foods.

Health and nutrition to most presents itself as a hell of “can’t eat this” and “shouldn’t do that”, but it really isn’t that way. Health and nutrition is more of a lifestyle that promotes “I can do this now” and “I feel great” and many more due to the healthier choices you make. The whole idea of wanting to change to be healthy isn’t to GIVE UP things, its the idea that you’re going to GAIN so much more!

When it comes to eating healthy, here are 2 SIMPLE THINGS I like to do:

  1. I don’t focus on the foods I CAN’T eat; rather, I focus on the foods I CAN eat. So rather than saying “Oh I can’t eat that burger”, I’ll say something like “Oh that grilled chicken would be really good for me”.
  2. When it comes to making a decision between eating something good or eating junk food, I think about what is in each product down to the macros. In, lets say, a salad, there are vitamins and nutrients and all sorts of good stuff that your body can use to make you feel great! On the flip side, lets say, a Big Mac, is comprised of loads of grease and lard and… yeah I can’t even stomach typing it out.

Try these two very easy tips on a daily basis and I PROMISE that your mentality for healthy eating will change drastically over time. It did for me!


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