Where It All Began…

It all started in high school. By my sophomore year,  I was 170 lbs, and it wasn’t an appealing 170. It was the kind of 170 where if I took my shirt off you would probably look the other way saying, “Damn does he even care?” I was always super self-conscious, extremely shy, lazy, unproductive, and socially awkward for as long as I could remember. I found it very hard to make friends because I never though I was “Friend-worthy”. But one day, my mother decided to go on another one of her health kicks, and dragged me along with her. She got us both a trainer that we went to visit three times a week for 30 minute sessions. I hated going at first because of how strenuous working out was, and how much effort and time I had to put into being ‘healthy’. Luckily, I had an amazing trainer. My trainer wasn’t someone who just barked orders at you like a dog, “Do 20 pushups… run another mile… 5 more reps.”, it seemed like he actually cared about how I was feeling during the process, and we started to develop a kind of kinship though our sessions.

Fast-forward about 3 months. I was really starting to get into this whole fitness thing. I was working out 5-7 days a week, eating healthy at home, and always bragging to my friends how much I could bench! (Haha!) But not only did this change, my overall attitude was enhanced, I started focusing more in school, I became way more confident, and as a result, I started going out more, making new friends, and even built up the courage to finally ask the hottest girl in school out on a date (at least I thought she was)! By the end of my high school years, I lost about 25 lbs of fat from sophomore year to senior year and replaced it all with muscle! Granted, I did kind of fall off the wagon over my summer in college (partied way more than I should have, but hey, thats college), and ended up losing a lot of my progress, with my starting weight being 143 lbs by the fall semester of my Freshman Year. But now, almost a year later, I’m back up to 170 lbs, with even less fat than before, and overall I’m almost a whopping 50% stronger!

I attribute this lifestyle change to my personal trainer throughout high school. We trained together all the way up until I left for college. Unfortunately, I did end up losing contact with him, due to the fact I lost his number in a technology mix up and he left the gym I used to go to. But if I ever saw him again, I would thank him immensely for the change he brought to my life, and how he helped me find a new passion to strive for.

Now that you all know a little about me, who or what influenced you to take that first step to being a better you? Where or when did this take place? Feel free to leave comments below!


As always,

Be Fit, Feel Confident, and Never Stop Working!

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